Please check out BBC’s Social Media Platforms for more information and continued updates. Hopefully, BBC will reopen soon.

- Pastor Joey Giles



BBC is Code Green

Code Green means that the 7 Day trend in Morgan County is below 10% positive infection rate.

While all BBC services, including Worship, Sunday School, Wednesday Bible Study, and Thursday Night Youth are open to the Public, we ask that you respect BBC Covid policies. These include:

-Practice Social Distancing
-If you’ve been sick over the past 36 hours, please do not enter this facility.
-Please do not enter roped off pews.
-Masks are required unless you are sitting. Please wear your mask when you sing and/or walk about the church.
-Please do not gather in areas of the church. Once services conclude, please exit the church. If you wish to congregate, do so in an OPEN AIR AREA.


BBC is Code Yellow

Code Yellow means that the 7 Day trend in Morgan County is above a 10% positive infection rate.

At this time, all weekday activities of BBC are suspended. This includes Bible Study and Thursday night youth. Please check our Social Media platforms for more information when available.

We will continue our Sunday Morning Services under the following guidelines:
-Masks must be worn at all times unless you are sitting.
-No singing without masks.
-Bathrooms available for small children and emergencies.
-Please observe all BBC COVID policies.
-Please enter and exit facilities promptly. Do not congregate in any area of the church other than the Sanctuary during worship.



BBC is Code Red

Code Red means that someone actively attending our church recently has tested positive for COVID-19. As a result, we are suspending all church activities, including Sunday Morning services, for 14 days.

We will be resuming Drive In Services and Live Streaming. Please tune your radio to the designated station provided on the church sign. Services will begin at 10:45. Someone will come to your car with an offering box.